Dental prosthetics are used to help patients overcome tooth loss. Losing teeth as an adult can be frustrating and painful. You may think that you’re stuck dealing with gaps in your smile and discomfort while eating. That’s not true — if you reach out to your dentist about dental prosthetic options. Dental prosthetics can replace any number of missing teeth throughout your mouth, restoring your complete smile and reinventing your smile. If you’ve suffered tooth loss as an adult, you should explore your options to get your smile back.

Your Smile Can Drastically Affect Your Confidence

Everyone knows the embarrassment that comes when someone points out that you have a piece of food in your teeth. Your smile can cause you to feel confident, but it can also cause you to feel self conscious. If you’re missing one or more teeth in your smile, you may not want to show off your smile very often. That’s unfortunate! Life’s best moments are responsible for smiles, and no one wants to miss out on those opportunities. When you reinvent your smile with a dental prosthetic, you’ll be amazed by how it affects your confidence for the better.

Dental Bridges Replace a Sequence of Missing Teeth

So, you want to replace your missing teeth with a dental prosthetic. How can you know which prosthetic will work for you? A dental bridge is a prosthetic that can replace a single tooth, or a sequence of missing teeth. Dental bridges are fashioned using two dental crowns for support. The crowns fit over healthy teeth on either end of the missing teeth. In between the dental crowns, replacement teeth (called “pontics”) fill in the gaps left by missing teeth. This strategy can work for one lost tooth, or a series of missing teeth lined up in a row. If you have more extensive tooth loss, you may need dentures.

Dentures Replace All of the Missing Teeth in a Dental Ridge

When your tooth loss is severe on the top or bottom of your mouth (or both), dentures can provide a solution. Dentures effectively replace all of the missing teeth on a dental ridge. Partial dentures can help replace missing teeth when you haven’t lost all of your natural teeth. The partial dentures can fit around your natural teeth, reinventing your smile while leaving your healthy teeth intact. A comfortable, gum-colored base holds everything in place and gives you back the sparkle that tooth loss takes away.

Find Prosthetic Options at Greenhaven Family Dentistry

If you’ve suffered tooth loss, it’s time to explore your prosthetic options. You’ll be amazed by the transformation a prosthetic can provide. Set up a consultation at Greenhaven Family Dentistry to learn more about your options. You can make an initial appointment with Greenhaven Family Dentistry in Baxter, MN by calling 218-454-0523.