Your child’s health is of paramount importance to you. Keeping your little one from sustaining any bodily injuries is a full-time job once they’re up and running around, but it’s not the only thing you need to help them protect. You also need to protect your child’s teeth. As soon as their first tooth erupts, you need to start caring for that tooth to keep it healthy and vital. Do you know how best to care for your child’s teeth? A quick children’s dentistry rundown can help prepare you to help your child care for their teeth until they’re old enough to properly brush and floss their own teeth.

Prevention Is Key for Children’s Oral Health

Avoiding conditions like cavities and gum disease is the best way to maintain your child’s oral health. That’s why a focus on prevention is key for young teeth. Brushing, flossing, dietary choices, and regular dental visits all help you take a preventive approach to oral health care. You should be brushing your child’s teeth twice a day until they are old enough to adequately do so themselves. You should also help your child get in the habit of using floss to clean the surfaces between teeth. Avoiding sugary foods is a great way to keep cavities away as well. Finally, make sure you’re scheduling and attending biannual dentist appointments with them.

Personalized Treatment Can Help Children Whose Teeth Are at Risk

Although preventive techniques are great for stopping tooth decay, genetics still play a large roll in your oral health. If your child is predisposed to developing cavities, they may need specialized treatment to fight back against the condition. Treatments like fluoride rinse and dental sealants are options for susceptible teeth. Fluoride treatment fortifies dental enamel to repair it from bacterial damage. Dental sealants can be used to cover the surfaces of difficult-to-brush teeth during your child’s formative years so that these teeth do not develop problems.

With Your Help, Your Child Will Learn How to Care for Their Teeth

The act of caring for your child’s teeth prevents them from becoming infected or damaged, but it does more than just impact the present. Showing your child how to care for their teeth, and emphasizing the importance of that care, sets your child up for success in the future. Your child can build positive habits now that will allow them to keep up with their oral health as they become adults.

Schedule Children’s Dentistry Appointments at Greenhaven Family Dental

Your child’s oral health is an important part of their overall health. You can help them build positive habits that keep their teeth safe throughout their lifetime. One way to care for their teeth is by scheduling preventive dentistry appointments at Greenhaven Family Dental. Our kind and welcoming care environment gives your child a positive experience at the dentist’s office early in their life. Schedule an appointment at Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN by calling 218-454-0523.