What makes your teeth so effective at chewing and grinding up food? They have to be tough in order to last throughout your whole lifetime, but they also have to be stable. Your teeth’s root system and structural stability allow them to give you the bite power you need to comfortably eat food. When either of those things is compromised, you may experience tooth pain, and your teeth may not be able to perform like they once did. If your tooth has suffered bacterial infection, a dental crown can cover it and restore its structural stability.

There Are a Number of Conditions that Can Compromise Your Teeth’s Structural Stability

Anything that disrupts the structure of your tooth can weaken it and cause you pain. If you sustain a physical accident and your tooth becomes cracked, you likely won’t be able to comfortably eat food with said teeth. If a piece of your tooth actually breaks off, this tooth may cause you pain, and the jagged edge left behind can cut your tongue or cheek. If your tooth has suffered significant bacterial decay and you need a large filling, this filling may not be able to hold up over time. If your tooth is abnormally small or misshapen, this can also cause problems for your bite. In these cases, your dentist will likely recommend a dental crown.

Dental Crowns Fit Over Your Teeth to Protect Them and Restore Structural Stability

A dental crown works much like how you’d imagine, based on the name. The crown fits over your vulnerable tooth, protecting it from physical and bacterial harm. The crown is fabricated to look and feel like a natural tooth. That means you’ll have a comfortable chewing surface for functionality, and to protect your bite. The crown will also look like a natural tooth, matching the proportion and color of your surrounding teeth. Before fabricating the dental crown, your dentist will take precise measurements of your teeth to be sure that the crown fits alongside your natural teeth.

Without a Dental Crown, Your Tooth May Sustain More Damage

A dental crown allows you to feel good about the state of your teeth. Without a crown, a damaged or broken tooth may become further damaged with regular use. A cracked tooth may shatter, and a large filling may fail. A dental crown prevents your vulnerable tooth from taking the abrasive effect of chewing and grinding food. A crown can also protect a tooth whose roots have been damaged by infection. This can be the difference between saving your tooth and needing to have it extracted.

Find Dental Crown Options at Greenhaven Family Dental

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