Because there are different approaches that we can take to caring for teeth in poor health, we can make sure a patient has the right support from our Baxter, MN dentist’s office. To help you enjoy the right protection for your tooth after a procedure, we can make sure you receive the right restoration. The appropriate crown or filling is the one that can address different concerns such as your appearance, your bite function, and the long-term health of your tooth. When our patients need crowns, different material types can be offered, which boast a range of advantages in terms of bite stability, strength, and cosmetic value.

The Right Crown Can Offer Lasting Support For Your Tooth

A dental crown will have to be used when your tooth needs more support than a dental filling can be trusted to offer. The determination to use one or the other should be taken seriously. After all, this decision will affect how much support you have as well as how much we have to do to modify your tooth structure to make sure your restoration will be secure. A crown envelops the tooth above the gumline. We take care to provide one that is just the right shape and size to fit comfortably without affecting neighboring teeth. We also look into how we can preserve your smile if the tooth in question is easier for others to see.

The Importance Of The Right Restoration

When it comes to selecting the right crown, several factors are considered. Your appearance is a priority; we do provide options that include porcelain crowns that closely match your tooth enamel. With that said, we also provide restorations that are less lifelike but more capable of holding up against years of pressure from biting and chewing. For your molars, that added security can be important. Gold and porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations can help make sure that you stay protected over a longer period of time even as you apply more pressure to your restoration.

Timely Treatment Can Lead To The Placement Of A More Conservative Filling

To save more of your tooth structure by receiving a filling, make sure any potential issue you have with your oral health is promptly addressed. You can further avoid difficulties with advanced restorative care by keeping up with general dental exams. Even if nothing seems wrong, timely visits can provide early warnings about cavities that will have to be addressed.

Talk To Your Baxter, MN Dentist About Treatment With A Dental Crown

With the right dental crowns, we are able to provide lasting support for our patients. Whether you need to discreetly cover a front tooth or require more functional support for one in the back, we are prepared to help! If you would like to find out more, please contact your Baxter, MN, dentist, Dr. Roberts, at (218) 454-0523.