My Tooth Hurts, Do I Need A Filling?

Have you noticed your tooth hurts and the pain has lasted for more than two days? If so, it’s likely not due to sinuses or other issues, but potentially a result of tooth decay. We recommend seeing the dentist as soon as possible to discuss treatment options. If your tooth hurts, we may need to… Read more »

Do You Have Questions About Dentures?

If you have lost a significant portion of your permanent teeth, then you need to see a dentist. Otherwise, tooth loss can lead to a number of very serious consequences for your oral health. Fortunately, we have lifelike prosthetic that can replace multiple missing teeth. Do you have questions about dentures? Do you need a… Read more »

Can Extractions Help Your Smile?

The goal of dentistry is to help people maintain healthy and beautiful smiles. Removing a tooth seems counterproductive then, right? In reality, extraction is sometimes necessary to avoid serious oral health complications. Can extractions really help your smile? Will the doctor replace your missing tooth?

Which Type Of Crown Do You Need?

Do you have a damaged or infected tooth? When a tooth become broken or cracked, or develops serious decay or an infection, we will recommend a restoration. A dental crown covers the visible portion of the tooth, returning the tooth to full function and health. We use a variety of materials to create our restorations…. Read more »

When Do You Need A Filling?

When a patient develops a cavity we recommend the issue be treated as soon as possible. Without treatment, cavities can lead to serious complications. In order to restore the tooth to full function and health we may prescribe a dental filling. When do you need a filling? How do you know if you have tooth… Read more »