Friends Baxter MNThrough years of aging, it is vital to maintain your gum tissue. You may focus too much on the teeth, leaving the rest of your mouth to suffer. Periodontal disease is the infection and inflammation of your gum tissue and this is a highly common condition. In fact, almost half of all adults over the age of thirty in this country struggle with this bacterial infection. Buck the trend and take diligent care of your gums.

At Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN, we understand the need for positive periodontal treatment. Stick to a strict six month timeline for your visits in order to catch any problem development early. Preventive treatment is particularly effective in the world of dentistry, so your regular examinations and cleanings are vital to preventing lasting harm. Scaling and root planing is the helpful cleaning of your gumline and it can lift the quality of your smile. Our team can help promote your periodontal health with the removal of plaque and tartar!

Periodontal Disease Is Common, Yet Treatable

The prevalence of gum disease in adults is higher than it should be. Nearly half of adult Americans struggle with this condition, but helpful treatment is available. You could find yourself in this position if you do not set in-office appointments with a dentist. While your home oral health care is paramount in the success of your smile, you cannot do all the work on your own.

Speak with a qualified dental health provider about your best steps to maintain healthy gum tissue. Beat the statistics and identify bacterial gum infection as it starts. The initial phase of this condition is gingivitis and you should speak with a dental caregiver if you notice its symptoms. This can show as redness or swelling along your gumline.

How Scaling And Root Planing Keeps Your Gums Safer

Plaque is the film which first develops as a result of microbial waste. If you do not adequately remove it during your dental health regimen, it hardens into an even more dangerous form known as tartar. Feel better and protect yourself with the removal of plaque and tartar.

If you have begun to notice blood when you brush your teeth, it is time to schedule an appointment. Your mouth should be able to withstand a rigorous brushing, and a common reason for this symptom is periodontal infection. Scaling and root planing is the dedicated cleaning of the gumline and it can remove irritating bacterial buildup.

Periodontal Prevention In Baxter, MN

The care of your gum tissue is vital to the success of your smile. Call Greenhaven Dental in Baxter, MN today at (281)454-0523 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Clinton L. Roberts, DDS. Scaling and root planing can help keep your mouth clean!