Hats Baxter MNOur mouths are consistently exposed to damage. Even eating includes the collision of our jaws, it is simply part of the nature of the area. But since we do not regrow our teeth, there are many ways that they can become damaged. This can either happen due to infection or by physical trauma.

When our enamel is weak or damaged, the tooth can become vulnerable to the bacteria within our mouths. If you require a root canal surgery procedure as a result of the development of a bacterial infection, you might also need the placement of a dental crown. This is a sturdy and functional cap that rests permanently on top of your natural tooth matter. Today, your Baxter, MN dentist outlines how a root canal procedure might be a necessary avenue for you, and how a dental crown might be able to help you stave off the possibility before it happens!

Eradicate Your Infection

If you are struggling with pain and sensitivity in your mouth, the cause could be due to a bacterial infection that has taken hold within the structure of the tooth. The fleshy pulp within is a prime target for invading organisms, if they are able to get that far.

There are a few different ways that these single-celled lifeforms can sneak their way deep below our gumline. The first is through the development of a significantly deep cavity. Our enamel is the incredibly strong exterior of our incisors and molars that gives us our stability. This material also serves as the protection for the systems that operate within. When bacterial waste has caused that material to be lost, it can lead to a serious problem!

How Do Root Canals Help?

The main objective of a root canal is to perform what is called a pulpectomy. During this procedure, the dentist fully removes the pulp and root matter from within the tooth. This essentially renders that tooth to be dead. But unlike with extractions, your body still believes there to be a healthy tooth in place.

This helps with the preservation of your jawbone. With a loss to the jaw, the body reabsorbs biological material in order to best protect the rest of the body. And it is also great to be able to save the tooth as a functional part of your body.

Reinforcing The Location

After this procedure, the tooth is typically weakened to the point where it needs structural reinforcement. The best way of accomplishing this is through the use of a dental crown. This is a prosthetic cap that is cemented onto your existing biological matter.

Our ceramic crowns are highly realistic in their replacement, and always feel free to discuss your oral health hopes and goals so that we can best direct you! Even within ceramic crowns, there are options available to you to create a beautiful new part of your smile that looks as effortless and natural as possible.

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