At your typical dental checkup, you and your dentist should discuss more than just cavities. While treatment for decay is certainly important, it is not the only issue that can negatively affect the health and appearance of your smile over time. You also need to remain informed about the health of your gums. At our Baxter, MN dentist’s office, we provide detailed reviews at every dental exam, which will include a check to see if you have issues with poor periodontal health. Because we can offer a scaling and root planing at your appointment, we can actually fight the accumulation of bacteria that cause gingivitis, the first stage of an infection, and help you return your gums to good health.

How Worried Should You Be About Issues With Gingivitis?

If you have issues with gingivitis, you should be concerned. While you may not have pain because of this problem, you can experience difficulties with swelling, a tendency to bleed when you brush and floss, and even unwelcome gum line recession. If the problem is not dealt with in time, your condition can become more severe, something that will leave you in need of more advanced care to prevent further complications, including tooth loss.

The Role Scaling And Root Planing Plays In Helping You Manage Your Health

When your dentist tells you that you have issues with gingivitis, you can be happy to know that the issue is one we can treat at the office. Instead of the typical teeth cleaning provided during a dental exam, we can provide a periodontal cleaning, or scaling and root planing, which takes care to remove bacteria from the roots of your teeth. When we do this, we fight the accumulated bacteria buildup on the roots of your teeth so that your gums can recover. By providing this service, we can help you stay safe from the kinds of complications that might require the attention of a specialist.

More Reasons To See Your Dentist For Preventive Services

There are many reasons why patients are advised to see their dentist for regular checkups. At these appointments, we can give you early warnings about tooth decay or gum disease. Timely care can stop these issues from growing more serious, so you will not have to worry about more severe conditions at a later date. We can also check for evidence of problems with restorations that are in place to protect your teeth, or talk to you about other issues, like sleep apnea, which we can help you manage.

Talk To Your Baxter, MN Dentist’s Office About Gingivitis And Your Oral Health

Through the appropriate smile care at home, and through regular dental exams, you can keep your risk for potentially serious problems, including gum disease. To learn more about how we can help you, please reach out to your Baxter, MN, dentist, Dr. Roberts, by calling (218) 454-0523.