As strong as it might be, our tooth enamel can break. A crack in your tooth creates problems for your oral health and bite function, and it also leaves you vulnerable to an infection that can create more unwelcome complications. At our Baxter, MN dentist’s office, we can address the problem by capping your injured tooth with a custom dental crown. Crowns are made from several material types, including substances that are capable of closely imitating your enamel. When set in place, your restoration will keep you safe from an infection or further physical damage, and it can provide effective bite support.

Make Treatment For A Cracked Tooth A Priority

After chipping, cracking, or otherwise hurting your tooth, you should make treatment a priority in order to prevent complications from occurring. By delaying care, you can make yourself more likely to experience trouble that will complicate treatment and cause more discomfort. The sooner you make an appointment to address what has happened, the sooner you can put trouble with a dental injury behind you!

How A Crown Protects Your Tooth

While a dental filling only covers the portion of a tooth where a cavity has formed, a crown provides full coverage of the structure above your gum line. With that coverage, we can provide support after a problem with an injury or severe decay. Before you receive your restoration, preparatory work will occur to make space for it without affecting your tooth’s neighbors. A custom dental crown will be designed to provide protection. If you need treatment for a front tooth, we can recommend that you receive one made from porcelain or zirconia, which match the appearance of enamel. After your procedure concludes, you can feel relieved to see that your smile has not changed!

Other Situations Where Crowns Can Be Used

In addition to restoring injured teeth, crowns can protect a tooth damaged by dental decay. In cases where patients are replacing missing teeth with prosthetic appliances, crowns can also be useful. A pair of crowns is part of every dental bridge; they are placed over teeth at either side of your gap to provide lasting support.

Discuss Treatment For Your Cracked Tooth At Our Baxter, MN Dentist’s Office

Through prompt and careful treatment, your cracked tooth can remain protected, and you can continue to feel confident in your smile and dental function. Greenhaven Family Dental is ready to take care of you if a tooth injury affects you, or if you need to address any other oral health issue. Remember that we also offer ongoing preventive care that can reduce your risk for problems. To find out more, please reach out to your Baxter, MN, dentist, Dr. Roberts, by calling (218) 454-0523.