whyworldWhen you learn that dental sedation is an option at our practice, you may immediately think that it sounds nice. However, if you are like many of our patients, you may also immediately think that while it sounds nice, it is probably not something you qualify for – so, why bother getting excited about it? Fortunately, we offer nitrous oxide, which is a form of sedation that is effective yet gentle enough for most patients. Allow us to give you some common reasons to choose sedation – they may surprise you.

You’re Nervous

Are you a bit nervous about your upcoming dental visit? Whether it’s just a routine exam or a restorative treatment, why go through the experience feeling on edge? Dental sedation will ensure you feel calm.

You’re Extremely Anxious

Not just nervous – but extremely anxious? Don’t worry! Dental anxiety is extremely common and something we understand. Dental sedation will give you the confidence you need to show up and receive care, while enjoying a tranquil, relaxed state.

You Need A Lot Of Work Done

Need to have a lot of work completed within just a visit or two? Choosing sedation will help you feel like the time is flying by, while we help you regain your oral health.

You Gag Quite Easily

If you have an overactive gag reflex, you might gag throughout just about any type of dental visit – even a cleaning or checkup. We often suggest dental sedation in this instance because it will offer the relaxation you need to make it through a visit in total comfort.

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