tipslineWe always encourage our patients to schedule visits with us once every six months for a thorough preventive dentistry appointment – this includes a dental cleaning and a dental checkup. However, this is not all it takes to make sure you maintain a beautiful smile that looks lovely and functions well. You also need to practice optimal dental hygiene in the comfort of your own home as an essential portion of preventive care that works. Allow us to offer a few helpful tips.

Tip #1: Say Goodbye To Excuses

Don’t feel like brushing your teeth or flossing? Convincing yourself that, “Just this once!” one hurt? Guess again – regardless of how you rationalize it, even one skipped flossing or brushing session can promote the accumulation of plaque (and its hardening into a cement-like substance known as tartar), which greatly increases your chance of experiencing a cavity or other oral health issues.

Tip #2: Say Hello To A Plan

Come up with a plan if you find that you have trouble keeping up with your dental hygiene at home. For instance, plan on brushing before you leave for work in the morning. Then, plan on brushing a half hour after your dinner or final treat for the evening but before you recline on the sofa to watch television. As a result, you will have cared for your smile long before you become so tired that your remaining energy only allows you to drag yourself to bed.

Tip #3: Choose The Appealing Flavors

Are you using your spouse’s cinnamon flavored toothpaste even though you despise cinnamon? Are you a fan of minty dental floss but you accidentally picked up the unflavored version the last time you shopped? Choose what you enjoy and, as a result, dental hygiene will feel enjoyable.

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