How do you care for your smile in the course of a typical day? In addition to making smart diet choices, you should commit to brushing your teeth at least twice, and you should thoroughly floss before you go to bed. These practices are all important, and can generally help you prevent problems over time that might call for restorative dental work. With that said, your daily efforts should not take the place of professional dental care! On a semiannual basis, you should visit your dentist for a routine exam and professional teeth cleaning. Cleanings at our Baxter, MN dentist’s office will help you remain free of plaque, and they help you by dealing with accumulated tartar deposits.

Professional Teeth Cleanings Provide Important Protection Against Oral Bacteria

Oral bacteria that build up in your mouth can contribute to the formation of plaque deposits, and those plaque deposits will eventually harden to form tartar if they are not removed in time. Fighting oral bacteria buildup will help you avoid difficulties with dental decay as well as with gingivitis. At regular teeth cleanings, your hygienist will remove accumulated plaque and tartar deposits. Removing plaque deposits that you have missed will protect you against oral health threats in the future. Because you are not able to remove tartar on your own, the cleanings that take place during dental exams are important for improving your hygiene and lowering your risks for problems.

What To Expect At A Routine Appointment

At a standard dental exam, you will receive a thorough smile review as well as a professional teeth cleaning. Cleanings provide preventive care and make you less likely to struggle with oral health problems in the future. By checking your smile for problems that have already developed, your dentist can address problems before they worsen. For example, we can identify a cavity and provide a dental filling before the decay spreads and makes a dental crown necessary. Another problem we watch out for is gingivitis, something we can address in the office by performing scaling and root planing treatment.

The Role A Scaling And Root Planing Plays In Preserving Your Oral Health

Instead of a standard teeth cleaning, your dentist may recommend that you undergo scaling and root planing. The reason we perform this service is tat it addresses active problems with gingivitis. During this approach to cleaning your smile, your hygienist will actually remove bacteria that have gathered below the gum line and caused an infection. This removal helps you regain your periodontal health before the infection can worsen.

Talk To Your Baxter, MN Dentist To Schedule Your Next Teeth Cleaning

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