What Dentists Look At (Besides Teeth)When you hear the word “dentist” do you automatically think “teeth”? Most people have that initial reaction. Dentists look at more than just teeth, however. Preventive visits help keep teeth healthy, but we don’t stop there. We also look at other structures in your mouth. Prevention means we will also ask about your overall health, and what medications you are taking. We will want to know if you have been sleeping well, and if you have pain in your face or jaw.

We Look At Your Gums

Clean teeth tell us you have been brushing, and healthy gums are one sign of good flossing habits. Healthy gum tissue is pinkish and feels firm. It clings to the root tooth surface, forming a barrier against bacteria and infection. When we see troubled gums, we can advise you about correct brushing and flossing techniques, or look further for a cause.

We Look At Your Mouth’s Soft Tissues

Along with tooth health, we want to looks for lumps, bumps or tender spots in your mouth or on your tongue. Especially if you use tobacco in any form, we are alert to early signs of serious disease. While these instances are rare, early detection is vital to treatment.

We Ask About Sleep Habits

Sleep apnea (periodically stopping breathing while asleep) is a serious problem, and can often be treated with dental solutions. Obstructive sleep apnea (caused by collapse of the soft tissues of the oral cavity) may respond well to the use of dental appliance. We can help you schedule a sleep study, and suggest possible solutions for obstructive sleep apnea. Not only can treatment help you feel more rested, but sleeping partners will get relief from chronic snoring, and from being awakened by the nighttime sounds and movement that often accompany a partner’s sleep apnea.

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