Our teeth are tough, but they can break, and that can lead to serious oral health concerns. It can also lead to an unwelcome change in your smile that makes you self-conscious. At our Baxter, MN dentist’s office, we can meet with you to make sure that your tooth is properly restored. Treatment calls for more than just cosmetic coverage. To make sure you can bite, chew, and speak without difficulty, we can provide a durable, custom-made dental crown that provides lasting support. For those who are uncomfortable with dental treatment, or just uneasy about work to restore a damaged tooth, we do provide sedation to make your time in our office easier.

You May Have More To Worry About Than Just Cosmetic Damage

You can assess the condition of your tooth and find that you no longer feel comfortable with your smile – visibly chipped, cracked, or broken enamel can be an understandable source of concern. With that said, be careful not to assume that this is “only” a cosmetic issue. By assuming this, you may be less inclined to seek treatment if the injured tooth is harder to see when you smile. What you should know is that your damage can leave you vulnerable to infection, and that its condition can worsen without the right protection.

Restoring An Injured Tooth With A Custom Dental Crown

By putting a dental crown in place that has been custom-made to cover your tooth, we can give you back important bite support, keep you safe from infection, and ensure that you can bite and chew without difficulties. The location of your injured tooth affects what kind of restoration you are likely to receive. If the tooth is more visible when you smile and speak, ceramic can be the right material for your restoration, as it does a remarkable job imitating healthy enamel. However, if you need to restore a back tooth, we may recommend a substance like metal, which is less lifelike but more capable of absorbing bite pressures.

Using Dental Sedation To Make Care More Comfortable For You

Even if you normally feel fine in the dentist’s chair, you may have some unease about undergoing restorative dental work. To make you more comfortable, and keep you calm throughout your procedure, we can recommend dental sedation. This is a safe solution to the matter at hand, one that allows you to remain conscious throughout your visit.

Talk To Your Baxter, MN Dentist About Restoring Your Broken Tooth

A broken tooth is hardly something to ignore. However, it is not something that has to ruin your smile, as the right treatment can improve on the way you look as well as your oral health. To find out more,  please reach out to your Baxter, MN, dentist, Dr. Roberts, by calling (218) 454-0523.