While our teeth are strong, they can be hurt, either through an unfortunate accident, or from years of friction generated when you bite and chew food. Problems with enamel damage can affect more than just your appearance – if your tooth is broken, or if you cannot comfortably bite with it, it also creates a real oral health concern! Our Baxter, MN dentist’s office is prepared to help you deal with problems caused by worn or damaged teeth. When necessary, we can provide lasting support with custom dental crowns. For teeth that are important to your smile, we can supply restorations that imitate your healthy tooth structure as well as protect teeth.

Is A Damaged Tooth Causing Problems For You?

If you no longer feel as though you can bite down comfortably on a certain tooth, or if a visible problem affects your smile, you can lose confidence in both your smile and your oral health. Dental damage is not a problem that you should take lightly. The longer you wait to do something about it, the more gradual wear and tear can affect you. If you are not able to maintain a comfortable bite, you can overwork other teeth, and you can develop persistent aches and pains from the pressure on your jaw. At an appointment, you can receive information on what condition your tooth is in, and what kind of treatment is beneficial.

Using A Custom Crown To Provide Long-Term Support

With a custom dental crown, we can make sure that your tooth is safe and secure, and that you no longer have to worry about it interfering with your bite function. Care is taken to provide crowns that will stay secure without bothering neighboring teeth. If you need to restore a tooth near the front of your smile, we can recommend that you receive a restoration made from ceramic or zirconia. These substances imitate the appearance of healthy enamel in order to preserve your appearance.

Uncomfortable With Dental Treatment? How Sedation Can Help

If you have a hard time with the idea of dental work, but need to address a problem with your oral health, we can help! Through the use of nitrous oxide, we can help you feel at ease while you undergo treatment. This gas helps you remain in a relaxed state throughout your visit, but its effects can dissipate shortly after your treatment is complete!

Talk To Your Baxter, MN Dentist About Restoring A Damaged or Worn Tooth

Through treatment for a damaged or worn tooth, we can give you back your confidence in your bite, and in your appearance! To find out more about our services, please reach out to your Baxter, MN, dentist, Dr. Roberts, by calling (218) 454-0523.