Because a cavity does permanent damage to your enamel, you should receive a dental restoration that can provide lasting support. At our Baxter, MN dentist’s office, we are prepared to help individuals with oral health issues enjoy long-term value from their treatment. When we place a dental filling in response to decay, we can rely on either a metal or resin substance for protection. The material type can affect both your appearance and bite strength. Remember to keep up with regular services, and to pay attention to early warning signs of problems with your well-being. The longer you wait to do something about a problem, the more likely you are to have complications that have to be addressed.

How Dental Fillings Restore Teeth Impacted By Dental Decay

Once a cavity forms, your tooth will experience permanent harm. This is something to keep in mind, as the longer you wait to do something about decay, the more harm you will experience. At a routine dental exam, you will be closely checked for any signs of trouble that will require professional treatment. The good news is that when a cavity is caught in time, we can protect your tooth with a durable dental filling that only occupies the space where damage occurred.

What Type Of Filling Should You Receive?

At our practice, we can provide both metal and resin restorations in response to cavity treatments. A metal filling can provide more bite support, something that is particularly important when you have work done on a back tooth. For your front teeth, which are more important to your smile, we can recommend the use of a composite resin material for your filling. Resin can both imitate and bond with your enamel, which can lead to a strong hold as well as cosmetic benefits.

Timely Care Can Prevent Complications That Affect Your Treatment

How much trouble can a cavity cause if you put off treatment? By waiting too long to see your dentist, you can experience complications that may put you at risk for tooth loss! If a cavity is too large for a dental filling, we can provide a custom dental crown that provides long-term protection. However, if there is no way to save the tooth, we can perform a careful extraction and plan to restore your smile with a custom prosthetic appliance.

Talk To Your Baxter, MN Dentist About Receiving A Dental Filling

Once a cavity forms, something will have to be done about the permanent damage to your tooth structure. At Greenhaven Family Dental, patients who need treatment for decay can undergo care that protects vulnerable teeth and preserves appearances. We can determine if you should have a metal filling put in place, or if you could benefit from a more smile-friendly composite restoration. To find out more about our practice and services, please reach out to your Baxter, MN, dentist, Dr. Roberts, by calling (218) 454-0523.