Tooth loss hurts. It’s often a painful experience brought on by trauma, or long-term bacterial decay. It’s emotionally painful to lose a tooth, and the lifestyle adjustments that you typically have to make can be frustrating. You may have a difficult experience when you lose a tooth, but is that tooth gone for good? Is there anything you can do about losing a tooth? The natural tooth you lost may be gone for good, but your ability to eat and smile comfortably is not lost. With the right dental prosthetic, you can recover from tooth loss.

Dental Prosthetics Restore the Function of Missing Teeth

The thing that most patients miss most about a lost tooth is the ability to comfortably eat food. If you have suffered tooth loss, the area where your natural tooth was may be sensitive. It may be surrounded by other teeth that have suffered from tooth decay. You may have to avoid certain foods for fear of discomfort. A dental prosthetic replaces your missing tooth and allows you to chew and eat foods comfortably. It also fills in the gap in your mouth where your natural tooth was, preventing excessive shifting of your other teeth.

It’s Important to Repair the Appearance of Your Smile Too

The function of your teeth is important, but so is the appearance of your smile. It’s upsetting to lose a tooth because you become hyper-aware of your smile. With a gap in its appearance, you may be inclined to hide your smile. If you’re always trying to hide your teeth from view, you’re more likely to experience social discomfort. You deserve to love your smile! A dental prosthetic replaces your missing tooth so that you can once again confidently share your smile with the world.

There Are Different Dental Prosthetics for Different Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can be complex or simple. You may have a single missing tooth, a series of missing teeth, or nearly an entire dental ridge of missing teeth. In any case, your dentist can design a dental prosthetic for you. Dental bridges work well for addressing simple tooth loss, or a series of missing teeth. A dental bridge uses dental crowns to hold replacement teeth (known as “pontics”) in place. For extensive tooth loss, your dentist can design a set of dentures for you. Dentures can replace all of the teeth in a dental ridge (the top or bottom of your mouth). With a set of dentures in place, you can enjoy the function and appearance of a full set of teeth.

Find Your Smile at Greenhaven Family Dental

If tooth loss has robbed you of your smile, don’t suffer the consequences for the rest of your life. Address your tooth loss with a dental prosthetic. Whether it’s dentures or a dental bridge, you can recover from tooth loss. Dr. Roberts and the Greenhaven team want to welcome you to a comfortable, compassionate care environment. Schedule a prosthetic consultation at Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN by calling 218-454-0523.