Taking good care of your teeth can help them last throughout your lifetime. Although your teeth are strong and durable, bacteria can still take a serious toll over time. If your enamel becomes worn down by the activity of bacteria, a hole can form in your tooth and a cavity will develop. The most common restorative dentistry treatment for these types of situations is a dental filling. Dental fillings can be made of metal amalgam, dental ceramics, or dental resin. If you’re not keen on receiving treatment like a dental filling, you may be wondering if there is an alternate treatment option.

Avoiding Treatment for Your Cavities Makes Things Worse

The only alternative to a dental filling that is less complicated is doing nothing. If you ignore your cavities, however, they won’t go away, they’ll only get worse. Over time, bacteria will continue to grow and spread, eating away at more of your dental enamel and working its way deeper inside your tooth. If you choose not to address your cavities, you will end up needing more expensive, complicated dental treatment to fix the problem in the end. Choosing a filling now is your fastest route to recovery.

Dental Crowns Are an Alternative Treatment for Serious Cavities

What happens when your cavity causes significant structural damage to your tooth? Bacterial activity will continue until you do something to treat the issue. If bacteria have eaten away at a significant portion of your tooth, your dentist may recommend a dental crown. Dental crowns are made to feel just like a natural tooth. They fit over a damaged tooth to preserve the root of your tooth. A dental crown will provide you with a functional chewing surface, and it can be made to look just like a natural tooth.

Eventually, an Untreated Cavity Can Lead to Tooth Loss

Tooth decay is known as a progressive condition. That means that the effects of tooth decay will continue to exacerbate over time until they are addressed. A cavity that could be fixed with a dental filling now, may need a dental crown in a couple months. A tooth infection that needs a dental crown now may need to be extracted a few months later. Avoiding this compounding damage and eventual tooth loss comes down to addressing your oral health issues as soon as possible. Choosing a solution, like a dental filling, quickly leads to the best outcome for your teeth.

Select Restorative Dental Care at Greenhaven Family Dental

The faster you address common oral health issues like cavities, the faster your teeth will recover and feel good again. If you’ve developed a cavity, or you simply haven’t seen a dentist in over six months, schedule an appointment at Greenhaven Family Dental. Our professional staff are friendly and compassionate. To make your appointment, contact Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN by calling 218-454-0523.