Education is a vital part of development for all children, and education doesn’t just consist of what your kids are learning in school. Your children also have to learn how to take care of themselves. Creating healthy habits is one of the best ways to set your child up for success later in life. One of the healthy habits you can establish with your little ones is how to care for their teeth. Dental care starts from the moment that your child’s first tooth appears. Creating healthy habits and a positive association with the dentist now can lead to a lifetime of strong oral healthcare.

Create Positive Home Care Habits, Like Brushing and Flossing

Strong oral healthcare starts with a consistent home routine. You should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing regularly, and you should be encouraging your child to do the same. A positive, consistent home routine helps your child get in the habit of prioritizing his or her oral health. Establishing brushing and flossing habits now increases the likelihood that your child continues these practices as they get older.

Find a Children’s Dentist that Can Educate Your Children

Of course checkups and cleanings are an important part of dentist visits for your children — they’re important at any stage of life. Dental education is also a huge part of these early stages visits. When you find the right children’s dentist, you’ll introduce your child to an educational environment that prioritizes health. The right children’s dentist will also establish a care environment that is welcoming and comfortable for your child. Most dental anxiety issues arise because of poor childhood experiences at the dentist. Building a positive association with the dentist makes your child more likely to follow up on visits in the future.

Greenhaven Family Dental Accepts Patients of All Ages

With the new insurance year right around the corner, now is the time to start scheduling your appointments in 2019. Greenhaven Family Dental is accepting new patients of all ages. This inviting dentistry creates a positive, comfortable environment for children and adults alike. To make an appointment for yourself or your child, contact Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN at 218-454-0523.