If you suffer tooth loss — either individually, or en masse — you’re going to look for a solution to help you recover, and you should. Doing nothing after losing adult teeth has ramifications. With teeth missing in your mouth, your remaining teeth can begin to shift and fall out of alignment. This has consequences for your bite and your overall comfort. Dental prosthetics replace missing teeth, and you have options for your replacement. If you’ve had extensive tooth loss, you’ll probably need dentures. If you’ve lost one, or a series of teeth, a dental bridge can work. It’s time to explore how dental prosthetics work.

Tooth Loss Can Happen for a Variety of Reasons

While the situation isn’t ideal, many people will suffer from some form of tooth loss throughout their life. The tooth loss can occur because of an accident. Physical trauma can break or dislodge a tooth. This experience is painful, but if the tooth remains in tact, it can sometimes be saved and replaced in your mouth. Many cases of tooth loss are the product of cavities and gum disease. Infection can render your tooth structurally insecure, beyond the point of repair. Gum disease can weaken your jaw bone and loosen your tooth until it falls out. If a tooth has become too infected to save, your dentist may need to extract it.

Dental Bridges Replace a Sequence of Missing Teeth

If you lose a single tooth, or several teeth in sequence, a dental bridge is a prosthetic option that can replace these teeth. Dental bridges are made up of crowns, which are placed on either end of the missing series of teeth. The crowns fit over your existing teeth and hold the rest of the bridge in place. The rest of the bridge is comprised of pontics. These are the replacement teeth that are fabricated to look just like your natural teeth would. The bridge uses the existing teeth in your mouth for stability, and prevents these teeth from shifting out of alignment.

Dentures Are Dental Prosthetics that Replace a Dental Ridge

Tooth loss, especially in older patients, can sometimes wipe out all of the teeth on a dental ridge (either the top or bottom of your mouth). Dentures replace all of the teeth in your dental ridge. The replacement teeth are typically crafted out of dental porcelain and fixed to a gum-colored base that is fabricated to match the shape and size of your mouth. Partial dentures can be fabricated when you’ve suffered significant tooth loss, but you don’t need to replace all of the teeth in your dental ridge.

Greenhaven Family Dental Crafts Dental Prosthetics for Recovery

Recovering from tooth loss is in the best interest of your own mental and physical health. You want to feel confident in your smile, and you want to know that your mouth isn’t going to develop additional problems from the missing teeth. Schedule a prosthetic dentistry appointment with Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN by calling 218-454-0523, and start the recovery process.