Everyone could use an advantage when it comes to saving money and time. With busy schedules and a wide range of finance needs, giving yourself a leg up is imperative. One way you can save yourself time and money is by embracing preventive dentistry practices. Your entire family will benefit from taking a preventive approach to oral healthcare. From home care routines, to treatment at the dentist’s office, preventive care can reduce your risk for cavities, and thus reduce the need for more expensive treatment. Here’s how you can embrace preventive dentistry.

The Most Important Step You can Take Is to Make an Effort to Clean Your Teeth at Home

You have control of how you clean your teeth at home. Are you brushing at least twice a day? Are you flossing regularly? These are the most basic steps you can take to prevent cavities and other oral health conditions. If you don’t have a solid home care routine, that’s the first place you should start. On a daily basis, you can choose to keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy. Once you commit to a strong routine at home, it’s time to commit to routine appointments with your dentist.

You’ve Got to Attend Biannual Dentist Appointments

For many people, an adequate home care routine and biannual dentist visits are enough to ward off cavities. It’s when you avoid those twice-a-year appointments for a long period of time that you notice problems. Suddenly, you realize you haven’t seen the dentist in two years, and you fear what he or she might tell you about your teeth, so you hold off going for even longer. You need to break this cycle by scheduling and attending biannual dentist appointments. These appointments go a long way toward keeping your teeth healthy.

Dentist Appointments Allow for Preventive Care

Your biannual dentist appointments give your dentist and hygienist the chance to take a number of preventive steps. The thorough cleaning that your hygienist administers will remove plaque buildup that you aren’t able to remove on your own. This gives your teeth a fresh start between visits. Your dentist can also use preventive care tools, like x-rays and fluoride treatment, to diagnose issues before they get worse, and to fortify tooth enamel against bacterial acid. Without these appointments, your teeth don’t receive the preventive care they need.

Schedule Appointments at Greenhaven Family Dental

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