Your child’s oral health relies on your attention at home, but also on the dentist you choose for your child. The needs that young patients have are different than the needs of adult patients, and understanding what makes a positive care environment for your child can help you set them up for success. Bad experiences at a young age can lead to dental anxiety. On the other hand, good experiences can lead to a lifetime of strong oral health. You may not know where to start when it comes to making this choice. Here are some helpful tips for choosing a dentist for your child.

Choose a Dentist that Considers Themself a Family or Children’s Dentist

This is one of the first, most basic steps you can take when searching for a dentist for your child. Dentists that welcome younger patients typically advertise this information on their websites. Practices that are focused on cosmetics or oral surgery probably aren’t geared toward children. However, if a dentist includes “family” or “children” in the title of their practice or their online verbiage, they’re likely to work well with children. Then you can look at the specifics of the dental practice.

Find a Dentist that Is Committed to Preventive Care for Your Child

One of the most important things your child’s dentist can do is to take a preventive approach with your child’s oral health. Preventive dentistry is about maintaining positive oral health so that you don’t have to battle common problems like cavities and gingivitis. Whether it’s through x-rays, fluoride treatment, or even teeth brushing tutorials, your child’s dentist should always be looking for ways to add preventive care to the routine. Attending dentist appointments at a young age is step one in this process.

Find a Care Environment that Is Welcoming and Encouraging

Beyond the actual treatment being provided to your child, you also want to consider the care environment itself. The way the staff interact with your child, and the physical surroundings at the dental practice can make a big difference. If the practice feels clinical, your child may not feel comfortable during visits. Friendly staff members who are encouraging about oral health, and a colorful environment that feels relaxed can help set your child at ease during visits. This prevents dental anxiety and sets your child up to continue attending dentist appointments in the future.

Greenhaven Family Dental Welcomes Young Dental Patients

The team at Greenhaven Family Dental is friendly and welcoming to patients of all ages. However, we take special care to ensure that our youngest dental patients feel comfortable when attending checkups. To schedule appointments for your children, contact Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN at 218-454-0523.