Sure, it can be difficult to remember when exactly you made a particular trip to the doctor’s or dentist’s office, but x-rays are a pretty memorable experience. There’s a special bib and a machine involved. If you have absolutely no recollection of your most recent dental x-rays, then it’s probably time for new ones. If you’ve been regularly attending your biannual exams and cleanings, then your dentist would have ordered the x-rays when appropriate. Dental x-rays are so valuable because they give your dentist a more complete picture of the status and health of your teeth. He or she can spot any problem areas as the develop, so that your teeth stay healthy. This is especially important for children, whose quickly developing teeth need consistent attention.

Your Dental X-Ray Can Provide an Immediate Picture for Your Dentist

Dental x-ray technology has come a long way. In many dentist offices, your dentist can administer a digital x-ray. This form of imaging uses less radiation (80% less in many cases) than the traditional film method, and it provides an immediate picture. Your dentist can view the digital image on a monitor right next to you and go over what sort of structure and development they are seeing in your teeth. This is a hugely valuable preventive tool that can give you the bright oral health future you desire.

Your Children Benefit from the Use of Dental X-rays

When your child attends his or her biannual cleaning and exam, the dentist will check their teeth for any developing cavities, or any areas that may be more susceptible to cavity formation. While your child’s dentist can determine much about the state of their teeth just by looking, an x-ray gives an even better picture. A dental x-ray allows your dentist to see the roots of your child’s teeth, and quickly spot any problems while they can still be corrected.

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