It’s the second day of the year; how are your New Year’s resolutions coming? We like to set lofty goals for ourselves to see if we can push ourselves to do more each year, but not every goal has to represent a wild lifestyle change. Simple health goals can go a long way toward improving your future outlook, and they don’t have to involve crazy diet or exercise regimens. In 2020, you can do more for your teeth just by implementing simple preventive measures. Brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist can have your smile looking its best yet.

Be Better About Making Your Dentist Appointments in 2020

Are you diligent about attending biannual appointments at your dentist’s office? By visiting your dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning, you can prevent many of the oral health issues that cause significant damage. Regular checkups and cleanings prevent cavities, infected root canals, and gum disease. If you’re not already attending appointments every six months, this is the year to start. On that note, if you have any outstanding dental work that needs to be done, take care of it now. Restorative treatment can halt the progress of tooth decay, and adjustments to your bite can prevent the premature wear of your teeth. Don’t hold off any longer.

Stick to Your Tooth-Brushing Schedule in 2020

You know that you’re supposed to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Many people do so in theory, but it becomes easy to miss a time or two. If you track your teeth-brushing habits for a month, you may notice that you’re missing more brushing sessions than you realize. This negligence really adds up in the long run, especially if you’re an individual who’s prone to developing cavities. Track yourself for a week and see if whether or not you really are brushing twice a day. If you’re not, try to implement a schedule change that will keep you on track.

This Is the Year that You Start Flossing

You’ve told yourself before, and your dental hygienist has told you too, but this is finally the year that you start flossing! Why is this year going to be different? Because this time you’re going to find a product that you will use. Will  having a water pick next to your toothbrush prompt you to floss each morning? Do you need individual flossing sticks that you can use at work or in your car? Will setting an alarm on your phone help keep you on track? This year, you’re going to find what works for you.

Make Your 2020 Dental Appointments at Greenhaven Family Dental

Greenhaven Family Dental welcomes patients of all ages for quality dental care in a positive environment. We can treat outstanding oral health issues that you have, and we can offer preventive care to protect your teeth for the future. It’s time to get your oral health on track in 2020. Schedule your appointment at Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN by contacting our office at 218-454-0523.