No one wants to live a life where they feel forced to hide their smile and suffer through chronic pain, but that can be what faces you after suffering tooth loss. When you lose an adult tooth, it can be traumatic, and it certainly causes adjustments in your lifestyle. You may no longer be able to enjoy some of your favorite foods, and you may not be sure what to do next. When you do suffer tooth loss, dental prosthetics can help you make a comeback. Dental bridges and dentures provide affordable solutions for mild to extensive tooth loss.

Dental Prosthetics Recreate the Aesthetic Appearance of Your Original Teeth

Losing one or many of the teeth on one or both of your dental ridges creates lifestyle problems for you. With missing teeth, you may not feel comfortable in social settings, and you may not want to share your smile around others. This can have harmful emotional effects, and it’s part of what dental prosthetics seek to fix. Dental bridges and dentures are made using measurements of your actual mouth and jaw. They’re also typically crafted using dental porcelain, so they recreate the appearance of your original teeth.

Dental Prosthetics Also Guard Against Oral Health Issues

It’s not just lifestyle problems that arise from tooth loss. Your missing teeth can cause other oral health issues if left unaddressed. Your remaining teeth may shift into the space left by missing teeth. In addition to misalignment, this can create an uneven bite. The way your teeth connect can cause wear on the surface enamel, or even pressure that you experience as pain. With a dental prosthetic in place, your remaining natural teeth will be less likely to shift into these now occupied spaces.

Greenhaven Family Dental Provides Prosthetic Solutions

Suffering tooth loss is never easy, and there’s never a right time for it, but addressing the problem ASAP is for the best. The Greenhaven Family Dental team is ready with dental prosthetic solutions to help you make a comeback after suffering tooth loss. Explore options for bridges and dentures with your dentist by calling Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN at 218-454-0523.