Time for a Gum Check Up

If you’re someone who takes pride in your oral health, you stay on top of regular cleaning and maintenance. You probably brush at least twice a day. You clean each and every surface on your teeth to remove bacteria and preserve your pearly whites. The scope of oral health is vast however, and just like… Read more »

Is Gum Disease Really Preventable?

Gum disease might be one of the most common dental diseases, but fortunately, it is also one of the most preventable. Gum disease begins as an infection in your gum tissues (gingivitis) that is caused by the excessive buildup of oral bacteria. By preventing this buildup, you can prevent gingivitis. However, if gingivitis forms, it… Read more »

Be On The Lookout For Warning Signs Of Gum Disease

Would you know how to spot warning signs of gum disease in your periodontal tissue? There are several different issues that can tip you off to a possible problem. Some patients will see that their gum line has receded, exposing areas of their teeth that were previously covered. If this has occurred, it can also… Read more »

The Link Between A Scaling/Root Planing And Gum Disease

When is it appropriate to undergo a scaling/root planing? This procedure goes beyond the standard professional cleaning you undergo during a routine dental checkup. This preventive treatment involves the accessing of your teeth under your gum line. Bacteria found under your gums will be removed, and the surfaces of teeth will be polished in order… Read more »

Stop Gingivitis Before Your Condition Worsens

How do you know when gingivitis is affecting your gums? There are signs you can watch out for, like a reddening or swelling of your periodontal tissue. Poor gum health can also lead to a tendency for the tissue to bleed more easily, and a recession of your gum line. It is important to do… Read more »