Everyone wants a mouth full of healthy teeth. Keeping your teeth strong takes work, and if your healthcare routine takes a dip, your teeth can suffer. Decay, damage, and inflammation can be painful and unsightly, but they can have a more sinister outcome if left unchecked. Teeth that are severely damaged and decayed may eventually fall out or need to be removed. It’s during these times that you should know your options. If you are missing teeth, a dental prosthetic, like a bridge, can help restore your smile, the function of your bite, and preserve your future dental health. Here’s how a dental bridge does it all.

Dental Bridges Are Prosthetics that Serve Multiple Functions

Losing a tooth will undoubtedly feel like a negative experience. However, if you have to endure this process, you may as well get some value out of the experience. A dental bridge is comprised of pontics, which act as replacement teeth. When you have your dental bridge inserted, your smile will return to its original form. However, the benefits don’t end there.

Replacement teeth also restore your bite, making it possible to enjoy your favorite foods again. Fixing your bite also prevents the other teeth in your mouth from enduring extra pressure and wear due to the missing teeth. Finally, shoring up those vulnerable areas of your mouth lowers the chance that those areas become inflamed and infected.

Do Your Mouth a Favor with a Dental Bridge

While undertaking a dental prosthetic treatment option can seem a little intimidating, it’s important to act. Nothing about your situation will improve until you take action. Receiving the treatment you need — like a dental bridge, or partial dentures — will do your mouth a big favor. You’ll be amazed at the oral health benefits that come with this restorative treatment option.

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