Keeping your teeth safe and healthy is a daily responsibility. The choices that you make and the habits you adopt on a daily basis can influence the longevity of your teeth. Good habits reduce your risk for cavities, while some bad habits can actually make you more prone to tooth decay and gum disease. It’s important to take stock of the little things that you’re doing on a daily basis that directly influence your oral health. To help you out between dentist visits, here are 3 bad habits you can kick to improve the health of your teeth.

Get Rid of Tobacco Products

Tobacco products have a number of negative consequences for your overall health, and that includes your oral health. Tobacco products can increase your risk for oral cancer. This is one of the most common types of skin cancer, so reducing your risk is in your best interest. Tobacco products — especially chewing tobacco — also increase your risk for gum disease. Gum disease can result in tooth loss and a number of oral health complications. Finally, tobacco products also leave unsightly stains on the surfaces of your teeth, something everyone wants to avoid.

Reduce Your Soda Drinking

Another bad habit that you can kick for the sake of your teeth is drinking soda. Sugary, carbonated drinks can also leave stains on your teeth. Their acidity can be harmful to the enamel of your teeth, and they pose a cavity risk. If you’re constantly drinking pop throughout the day, you are also constantly coating your teeth in sugar. This sugar is an easy food source for bacteria that metabolize it into acid. That acid wears down the enamel of your teeth and forms a cavity eventually. Try to eliminate, or at least reduce, your soda intake.

Stop Skipping Out on Flossing

You could also think of this habit as “start flossing,” but if you’ve tried that before with limited success, think of it this way. Every day you don’t floss, you are skipping the opportunity to more thoroughly clean your teeth. Dental floss can remove bacteria and plaque from surfaces that your toothbrush can’t reach. Flossing once a day, especially in areas where your teeth are experiencing crowding, can dramatically reduce your risk for cavities. It’s time to be consistent with this habit.

Compassionate Care at Greenhaven Family Dental

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