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Repairing Your Smile With A Dental Crown

Retail Woman Baxter MNHave you broken or cracked tooth, and are in need of a repair? If so, speak with a member of our trusted team about how a dental crown can help you to regain control over the health of your smile. When you lose the natural protection that your enamel provides, you put yourself at considerable risk of internal tooth infection. Before you start to experience pain or discomfort, reach out to your dentist about your options in repair.

When you need a restoration of your natural tooth, call Dr. Clinton L. Roberts at our office in Baxter, MN. We have multiple different types of material for your new crown, so there is a solution that fits your specific needs. Every smile is different, and every instance of tooth repair requires a specialized approach to care. We can help you to make a decision that suits your needs both now and into the future!

Talk To Your Dentist About Restoration As Soon As Possible

If you have broken one of your natural teeth, you might not think that it is a serious concern. Sometimes, these chips may be small, but if the damage goes deeper than your enamel, you are at risk of harmful bacterial infection. The dentin that makes up the bulk of your tooth is less dense and softer than enamel, and so bacteria can move freely through this material. If they start to take hold within the soft tissue, you could experience a nasty toothache!

Internal tooth infection can also become a serious health concern, as it can spread into the bone matter of your jaw. If this is allowed to continue, you could even experience sepsis when these microorganisms reach your bloodstream. Speedy repair with a dental crown can help you to avoid major health concerns associated with damaged teeth.

We Give You Options In Your Dental Crown Material

For the restoration of an injured tooth, a dental crown can help you to regain confidence in your smile. Crowns can also work to avoid an extraction by rebuilding stability and preventing the further infection of the area.

Our office proudly utilizes a full array of materials in our restorative dentistry, so there is an option that suits your needs. Speak to us about the differences between a metal and a porcelain crown, and we can help you to find a lasting repair that keeps your smile looking beautiful. We also offer zirconia crowns, which give you a highly lifelike solution!

Elegant And Durable Dental Crowns In Baxter, MN

When you crack or break one of your natural teeth, a dental crown can help you to regain confidence in your bite! To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call Greenhaven Dental in Baxter, MN today at (281)454-0523.

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